Many, many patients of your dentist in Corona CA Dr. Rajabi will call to schedule appointments because of a tooth ache. Some patients receive these aches especially after eating or drinking certain foods or drinks, like coffee, ice cream, spicy food and more. A majority of the time this tooth pain, that can come and go, is caused by sensitive teeth. This is a condition that affects about half of the world’s population at one time or another during their lives, so today we wanted to address the root causes and some possible solutions for it as well!

So what causes sensitivity? For most patients, it is a lifelong diet of eating and drinking sugary or acidic items. That same cup of coffee that causes the ache because it is too hot now could have been leading you towards this pain all along. It happens because of the corrosive nature of highly acidic items and the sugary, breaking down makeup of others. Over time these items can eat away at the enamel, the protective layer of the teeth, and cause tons of microscopic holes to form in the structure of the tooth. This structure is in place to protect the nerve, which is at the center of the tooth.

Like in the rest of our bodies, nerves help us feel sensations. It is when “outsiders” like liquid coffee or anything else comes into contact with said nerve that it can begin to shoot “pain signals” to the brain- resulting in throbbing or ache. The best way to end this pain is to close up the holes and let the nerves be undisturbed- but how can this be achieved?

Many products on the market now cater to teeth sensitivity. From pastes to numbing agents and more- they promise to end the pain or seal the holes, but we are skeptical. Many of these products are only a temporary solution to your sensitivity and the only way to find a permanent one is to discuss restorative options with your dentist in Corona CA.

If your throbbing teeth are keeping you up at night or keeping you from enjoying a nice meal, call Dr. Rajabi today at (951) 749-5890 to schedule an appointment.