The office of your Corona CA dentist has some of the absolute best tools available in the business to help treat all of our patient’s smiles. And while these tools often must be wielded by dental professionals to achieve the best results, it is you, the patient, who actually has one of the most powerful tools in all of modern dentistry at your disposal daily: your toothbrush!

That’s right! By brushing properly twice daily you can do a substantial amount of work needed to keep your oral health in check. Just like our office instruments, however, proper cleaning and maintenance are needed even of a toothbrush. Click below to review some tips on how to do this the right way:

-Before and after your daily brushings, make sure to wash the bristles of your brush out with hot water and to swipe a finger thru at the same time. This will allow most leftover particles still sticking to the bristles to be loosened up and washed away.

-Following your regimen, place your brush in a holder that allows it to be held upright and with access to plenty of air. This naturally drying, opposed to putting a “helmet” on the head, is the best method.

-Don’t allow the brush’s head to come into contact with any other surfaces or other brushes. Also don’t allow anyone else, even friends or loved ones, to borrow your brush ever.

-Lastly, replace your brush with a new one every 3-4 months to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of your bristles are at their maxim.

By following the above-suggested steps, brushing and flossing daily and keeping regularly scheduled appointments with your Corona CA dentist- you can be on your way to a bright future of amazing oral health with a bright smile! Call the office of Dr. Rajabi today to schedule an appointment at (951) 749-5890 or click here to request a visit today!