Having a newborn is a beautiful experience that parents are happy to share with the world, and there are fewer things that are cuter in the world than a baby’s smile. But your Corona CA dentist wants parents to know the importance of maintaining the adorable smile, so check out some of our helpful tips below in regards to the oral and dental care of a newborn and why it matters for the future.

Raising your first child can be a definite learning curve and it’s not always easy. Parents are worked into overdrive, trying to make sure that their child is healthy in every way possible. Unfortunately, an important part of their health is their smile, something that can be easily overlooked because of all of the other worries that parents fret about. Every time a child has had their bottle, parents should make sure to wipe down their mouth with a soft, damp gauze. Milk and formula can be extremely sweet and thick, causing the taste to linger on their baby’s growing, sensitive gums.

Once their first tooth comes in, the same constant care should be done. Babies are also difficult to deal with once their teething because they’re in pain. As a parent, there are several options to choose from; they can massage their gums with a damp gauze or with their finger, they can use teething rings or chilled teethers (not frozen), or cold carrots if they can chew on solid foods. Make sure to clean up the excess drool that occurs because it can cause rashes around the mouth, giving them further irritation.

Young children need help brushing their teeth for many years, so it’s important that as a parent, you’re not only there to help them, but teach them that this is something that needs to be done twice a day (along with flossing) to ensure a healthy, strong smile. Try to make brushing fun with songs, games and more!

If you have any questions about your children’s teeth, call your Corona CA dentist at (951) 749-5890, or you can schedule an appointment or consultation, as well.