Orthodontics is an extremely successful branch of dentistry that improves the smile of all ages. This corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. When a patient has crooked or gapped teeth or teeth that don’t correctly fit together, the use of orthodontics can completely change the way your smile looks and the way it makes you feel. With the help of your Corona CA dentist, we want our patients to know more about orthodontics and how you know that you may need treatment.

While orthodontics can be used just for aesthetic purposes, there are reasons for this kind of treatment that can improve your overall oral and dental health and you may not even know it! There are a number of reasons that your dentist believes you’re a candidate for treatment:

  • Gaps and Spaces: Many people don’t enjoy the gaps in between their teeth or the way their smile looks when it is revealed.
  • Crowding: If your teeth extremely overlap, it can be difficult for you to properly clean and floss in between them. It is also more likely that food particles and bacteria can get stuck there, too.
  • Overbite: Commonly recognized as “buck teeth,” where the upper front teeth stick out too far forward over the lower teeth so they all don’t properly line up.
  • Underbite: Much like a bulldog’s appearance, where the lower teeth are too far forward or the upper teeth are too far back.
  • Open bite: When there is space between the biting surfaces of your front and/or side teeth when your back teeth bite down.

There more instances where you may need orthodontic treatment, so don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation so you can fully discuss your individual smile. No two sets of teeth are the same, so these discussions will be thorough and beneficial.

Here at our practice, we provide a couple of orthodontic options that are available to patients, both for adults and children including traditional braces and Invisalign. Contact your dentist in Corona CA to learn more by calling our office today at (951) 749-5890.