Your smile says a lot. It conveys your joy, gratitude, and your good humor. More than that, your smile also conveys who you are. Reading into a smile comes natural to us humans; we do it all the time without even knowing it. For example, when we meet a person with brilliantly white teeth, our psyche translates physical characteristics into the emotional characteristic of being trustworthy.

If your smile is not naturally perfect for your lips, face, and complexion, this certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t get to where you want to be. Your dentist in Corona, CA has a variety of treatment options to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Furthermore, our team offers care the revolves around your desired outcome and your preferences. If you want a brighter smile now, we can perform in-office whitening. If your teeth are sensitive and you want a brighter smile, we may recommend home whitening. This is the value of getting to know you and your dental needs.

Options for a Better Smile

Teeth whitening is only one of a handful of cosmetic services that may be appropriate in a given case. While the whitening process can be one of the fastest ways to make over the smile, there are clearly concerns that can’t be corrected by brightening the color of teeth. Cracks, for instance; and what about missing teeth? In our practice, there is a solution for what concerns you; sometimes more than one!

Veneer treatment is an excellent way to disguise problems that cause you to feel self conscious about your smile. Some people even use veneers to resolve the problem of persistent discoloration. Whether this is due to internal staining or a smoking habit is irrelevant; porcelain veneers resist stains and remain durable for many years when they are taken care of properly.

When most people think of veneers, they imagine the indirect veneer process in which tooth-shaped sheaths of porcelain are made in a dental lab. To veneer a tooth may also involve a direct bonding process. Dental bonding is an in-office procedure that changes the appearance of a tooth in just one visit. The composite putty-like material that is placed into a small chip or crack, once polished, looks like it came straight from Mother Nature herself.

From general dental care to cosmetic treatments to tooth replacement with dentures or dental implants, we offer the level of care you need to love your smile.