Family dental care solutions are available to patients in the Corona, California area with Dr. Joseph Rajabi. His practice is proud to offer services to patients of all ages, new and existing, in his state-of-the-art practice.

Dr. Joseph Rajabi is devoted to helping patients with improving their overall health and wellness. This can be achieved with general dentistry solutions. Here are a few of the treatments that are used to improve and maintain oral health:

  • Dental examinations – patients should have an examination at least twice a year. At this time, the dentist is able to physically evaluate the smile and look for signs of decay or periodontal disease. This is also a great time for an examination to check for oral cancer.
  • Dental x-rays – at times, it may be necessary for Dr. Joseph Rajabi to look into the health of the jaw bone. At this point, x-rays are needed. X-rays allows him to examine the bone of the jaw as well as check the health of the teeth rooted in place.
  • Dental cleanings – while patients who brush and floss after every meal may be able to maintain their oral health, they may still miss areas that are hard to reach. A professional cleaning can get in those difficult spots and remove plaque and tartar that may form.
  • Fillings – when decay is present, it is pertinent for patients to treat it as soon as possible to keep ti from getting worse. Composite resin fillings are a great, aesthetic option for patients who are worried about their dental work being visible to others. Plus, it is safe, affordable, and does not expand and contract with temperature changes in the same way silver amalgam fillings can.

Patients of the Corona area seeking quality family dental care are encouraged to book an appointment with Dr. Joseph Rajabi. His practice can be reached at (951) 749-5890 to schedule a consultation visit and examination to discuss any dental needs you may need to achieve better oral health and wellness and maintain it for a lifetime!