For much of the history of dentistry, tooth replacement has been “good enough.” Dental bridges and dentures were the best we had; but not anymore. Today, most dentists and their patients discuss dental implants as the best possible method for replacing missing teeth. In our Corona, CA office, this treatment protocol is used frequently, after a thorough consultation, examination, and exploration of various treatment options.

While there are some patients for whom a bridge or dentures is the logical choice, there are several benefits that can be attained with implants. In addition to the highest success rate of any tooth replacement (98%), implants achieve:

  • Optimal chewing capabilities. You don’t really think much about your ability to chew a variety of foods until that ability has been diminished. Being able to chew hard foods as easily as softer foods is important because it will affect dietary choices. It also affects digestion, because if you cannot sufficiently chew before swallowing, your digestive system has to pick up the extra work to break down food.
  • Life-like stability. When you have natural teeth, they do not move around in your mouth; your replacement teeth shouldn’t do this either. The fact is, though, that instability is one of the primary complaints expressed by denture wearers. One of the best things about dental implants is that they are used to replace roots, not teeth. This means that a few implants can be inserted to support a larger restoration, even a full denture. Because these tiny posts are stabilized in the same way as natural teeth, by the jawbone, the end result is comfortable, confident function.
  • Better quality of life. Losing your natural teeth typically also means losing a bit of confidence. Historically, artificial teeth have neither looked authentic nor felt it. With implants, patients often say they feel like their natural teeth have truly been replaced. They look like real teeth and feel like real teeth, which means you can feel like your best self.

Tooth replacement is only partially about restoring the value of your smile esthetic. Dental implant treatment restores this and the full amount of structural function you would expect. To learn more, call (951) 749-5890.