Teeth Whitening Secrets Revealed!

Teeth Whitening Secrets Revealed!Like all things in life, maintenance is the key to insure long-lasting relationships, vehicles, and especially one’s health. I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage,”Your health is your wealth.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement, as a healthy body sets a person up for success for all other things in life. This was a driving force for me when I entered into dentistry over 20 years ago. I spent some time during my earlier years at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chicago, which provided free dental care to children of low-income families. Not only was it rewarding to help those in need, but I had the opportunity to teach these families the purpose of good oral health through vigilant maintenance.

As we all know, starting good habits as a youth establishes a much higher probability of those good habits carrying on into adulthood. That has always been a guiding light for me as a dentist, especially after seeing the struggles many adults have endured as a result of poor maintenance earlier in life. I often refer to the mouth as the gateway to our bodies; what you put in determines both the performance and intensity of maintenance.

In addition to brushing, flossing, and rinsing, periodic teeth whitening is an essential piece of a maintenance program. As over-the-counter products may provide a quick fix, every patient has different needs and oral history which need to be considered. As the Corona,CA dentist of choice, I want to assess each unique patient scenario so that you receive both the right dosage and a time-sensitive result.

With those patients who have more prominent staining, the sub-3% peroxide content from the local drug store may be insufficient. The dentist-approved 35% peroxide can conquer the entire gamut of patient situations, assuring the most expeditious process and use of your time. I want my patients to be free to spend more time with family and enjoying life, rather than being camped out at home whitening their teeth for weeks.

On the appearance side of the coin, the ability to pick the shade (peroxide strength) is extremely critical since it is impossible to truly know how bright or dim the teeth will appear post-treatment. Professional treatment through your trusted Corona dentist allows you to incrementally ease into the intensity and find the perfect shade. Not only do I want you to have pristine oral health, but also leaving with what you hoped to obtain.

I know from my own experiences in life, safety is the precedence for all which occurs. Every example I referenced above both pose some level of risk if neglected as well as in the maintenance process. With that being said, whitening may not be for everyone. As I stridently noted earlier, an assessment from a qualified dentist is needed to understand the collective health of the mouth versus just simply applying a band aid to a more pressing problem.

Teeth whitening has been marketed heavily by various manufacturers predominantly as an appearance-centric product. Though important, I disagree with this as the initial approach. Clean teeth, without the presence of lingering stains that attract more food/liquids, foster an environment free from bacteria, plaque build-up, or gingivitis-causing agents.

I hope you’ve found some peace of mind by the content I’ve provided within this installment of 5 Ways to a Brighter Smile. Behind every smile is a person who chose to smile that day, and bring goodness to the world around them. I hope to be a support in your efforts for a brighter you today and beyond.

Thank You!

~Dr. Rajabi

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