Typically, to get a straighter smile, one would need to consult with an orthodontist. In recent years, the way that teeth get straightened has changed significantly. The pivotal event in this transition was the development of the Invisalign system. Now, instead of committing to ongoing wear of metal brackets and wires, many patients are getting the treatment they need from their general dentist. In our Corona, CA office, we love helping patients reap the benefits of Invisalign teeth straightening.

How it works

The method behind the Invisalign system is comparable to conventional orthodontic treatment. In order to move teeth, gentle, continual force must be applied in the right places and in the appropriate direction. What is different about Invisalign is that force is applied through custom trays, called aligner trays. These are  made using sophisticated software and 3D imaging, so there is a great deal of precision in the process.

Patients who want straighter teeth and a healthier, more attractive smile often ask us what they can get from Invisalign that they can’t get from braces. Some of the most notable advantages of this protocol include:

  • Appearance. One of the biggest complaints that orthodontic patients have expressed is the appearance of metal brackets on their teeth. Even teens have gotten to a point where they find the use of metal braces unappealing. An alternative may be to wear clear brackets and wires. An even better solution could be to wear Invisalign.
  • Comfort. Brackets are not flush against teeth. They can’t be, because a wire must run through them. Brackets are small, but they are square or rectangular, which means they have corners and edges. Patients who wear braces may experience the discomfort of cuts and other small injuries to the lips and inside of the cheeks. Invisalign aligners fit entirely over the arch of teeth, and have no fixtures that could catch on soft tissue.
  • Convenience. Eating is not something we give a whole lot of thought to – until we have to. When braces on permanently in place, a patient is forced to give up certain foods. Popcorn, for instance, could break a wire or bracket. Corn on the cob may not cause damage, but it sure can make a mess that can take a long time to clean up!

We love giving our patients more to smile about. To learn more about Invisalign, call our Corona office at  (951) 749-5890.